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 (wôr′ən-tər, -tôr′, wŏr′-) also war·rant·er (-tər)
One that makes a warrant or gives a warranty to another.


1. (Commerce) an individual or company that provides a warranty
2. (Law) an individual or company that provides a warranty


(ˈwɔr ənˌtɔr, -tər, ˈwɒr-)

also war•rant•er


a person who warrants or makes a warranty.
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Noun1.warrantor - one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another
sponsor, supporter, patron - someone who supports or champions something


[ˈwɒrəntɔːʳ] Ngarante mf


nGarantiegeber(in) m(f)
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Warrantor represents the inform yard of Warren Greatrex and is another chasing debutant who could go to the very top over fences.
61) The complete list of occupations includes acupuncturist, auctioneer, community planner, consumer finance services, dietician, nutritionist, forensic polygraph examiner, forester, immigration clerical assistant, insurance solicitor, interior designer, landscape architect, ocularist, proprietary school solicitors, respiratory care, security alarm contractor, speech pathologist, and vehicle protection product warrantor.
While the ante-post favourite had Hello George and Warrantor badgering him in the betting through the week, the race was a completely one-sided contest from the moment 21-year-old Kelly let the 9-2 joint favourite stride on at the end of the back straight.
Warren Greatrex is enjoying a memorable season and relies on Warrantor in the Lanzarote.
WARRANTOR looks well weighted for his handicap bow in the William Hill Lanzarote Hurdle (2.
At Kempton Warrantor can land the William Hill Lanzarote Hurdle (2.
Nonetheless, in another article on Augustine, published in 1930, Arendt returned to the role of memory as decisive not only for the "unity" or "meaningfulness" of human life, but also as the warrantor of "reality".
8226; Let all Alliance members facilitate their business relations and minimize their risks of working with the vast and uneasy market of Russia and CIS, get financial guarantees and marketing support from ACEX Alliance who is going to be the warrantor of the reciprocal trustworthiness to all companies who are members of the Alliance
The objective of this component is to enable the judicial system to more effectively play its role as warrantor of the rules regarding economically relevant activities and transactions.
The court noted the reluctance is predicated on the concern that the doctrine will impinge on the "established principle that a physician is not a warrantor of cure, and if a good result does not ensue from his efforts, the doctrine of RIL is not readily available to a disappointed patient.
I believe that Macedonia could have gained more from its relations with Moscow provided it promoted itself as a warrantor of stability, peace and interethnic coexistence," Ilievski says.