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 (wôr′ən-tər, -tôr′, wŏr′-) also war·rant·er (-tər)
One that makes a warrant or gives a warranty to another.


1. (Commerce) an individual or company that provides a warranty
2. (Law) an individual or company that provides a warranty


(ˈwɔr ənˌtɔr, -tər, ˈwɒr-)

also war•rant•er


a person who warrants or makes a warranty.
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Noun1.warrantor - one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another
sponsor, supporter, patron - someone who supports or champions something


[ˈwɒrəntɔːʳ] Ngarante mf


nGarantiegeber(in) m(f)
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The state is no longer the sovereign provider of infrastructure networks, but merely the ultimate warrantor should privately provided services and market mechanisms fail.
2000; Baker and Crompton, 2000) consider that perceived quality is a kind of warrantor of satisfaction of customers.
The fourth individual Simeonovic was allegedly in touch with was only identified by his kunya Abu Qatada, (125) an Islamic State operative who apparently functioned as a warrantor for seven Germans who were about to leave to the caliphate at the time Simeonovic wrote the notes.
The likes of Racing Pulse, Warrantor and Waldorf Salad would be interesting if they crept in at the bottom of the weights.
Viconte Du Noyer and Warrantor are on course to meet again after fighting out a finish at Cheltenham on Saturday.
But in a tight finish, Harry Cobden brought Viconte Du Noyer (far left) with a strong run to beat Warrantor by a length with Minella Rocco a head back in third.
Always nicely positioned by Harry Cobden, the grey got the better of a close scrap with Warrantor (14-1) to prevail in gritty style by a length.
The amendments also allow sellers to supply pre-sale warranty terms electronically or conventionally if the warrantor has chosen to display its warranty terms online.
WARREN GREATREX has always thought highly of Warrantor, who can make amends from a recent Catterick mishap in the Weatherbys Hamilton Handicap Chase at Carlisle.
Will the Shiites be the warrantor of maintaining a unified Iraq?
Warrantor represents the inform yard of Warren Greatrex and is another chasing debutant who could go to the very top over fences.
One (Spender 1980) brings into view the 'dialogic' character of confession, and comments on the presence of the confessor as a figure of discourse, as warrantor of veracity.