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 (wôr′ən-tər, -tôr′, wŏr′-) also war·rant·er (-tər)
One that makes a warrant or gives a warranty to another.


1. (Commerce) an individual or company that provides a warranty
2. (Law) an individual or company that provides a warranty


(ˈwɔr ənˌtɔr, -tər, ˈwɒr-)

also war•rant•er


a person who warrants or makes a warranty.
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Noun1.warrantor - one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another
sponsor, supporter, patron - someone who supports or champions something


[ˈwɒrəntɔːʳ] Ngarante mf


nGarantiegeber(in) m(f)
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Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA), in 1975, the FTC promulgated the Disclosure Rule, which provides disclosure requirements for written warranties on products that cost more than $15, specifies language for certain disclosures, and requires simple language in a single document, and the Pre-Sale Availability Rule, which describes how warrantors and sellers must provide warranty terms before a sale.
Lawson, who previously was director of the Consumer Protection Division in the Florida Attorney General's office and was an assistant district attorney, explained that "this does not affect any affirmative duties on warrantors, such as stating if the warranty is full or limited This
We submit that the upside down warranty is a grand scale of mismanagement- because the very essence of a warranty is that it must be free of charge- Extending the warranty can only mean extending the warrantors obligation to repair or replace PCOS defects for free," the affiants said.
Stopanska Bank-Skopje offers favorable loans for non-identified purposes that are without a deposit, warrantors and administrative ban.
raises of the confidence at shareholders, warrantors and investors,
Embedded in social networks, the success of the elites within the field of economics still depends on the mobilization of help within kinship networks and the good will of the spirits who are perceived as warrantors of nutrition, wealth, and life in exchange for money, food, and rice alcohol provided to them in ritual offerings.
Jenard elaborates upon this point in discussing Article V of the Protocol to the Brussels Convention, which governs actions in Germany that are binding on certain third parties, such as guarantors or warrantors.
The mandatory warranty and product liability provisions of the Saskatchewan Consumer Protection Act apply to consumers who buy or use consumer products purchased in Saskatchewan and to manufacturers, retail sellers, or warrantors "who carry on business in Saskatchewan," with the concept of carrying on business given an expansive definition to include persons who directly or indirectly market consumer products in Saskatchewan: Consumer Protection Act, S.