wart hog

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also wart hog  (wôrt′hôg′, -hŏg′)
Either of two wild African hogs (Phacochoerus africanus or P. aethiopicus), having two pairs of curved tusks and wartlike growths on the face.
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Are you excited to start your new company with The Phelper, Wart Hog Workwear?
And over the course of the evening he cherry-picked material from his tenure with the band including the classic Somebody Put Something In My Drink and a breakneck romp through Wart Hog, with Ramone drawing on all his stamina to sing and drum at the same time.
GAME ON: Left, a giraffe stands serene as a wart hog, makes a run for it at the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania on the fertile banks of the Rufiji River the coast of east Africa.
By means of thanking me for carrying her from the icy hell of the park yesterday, half womble/half haggis savages my christmas present from Dave, a wart hog.
In "How To Draw Magnificent Mammals", artist and illustrator Earl Phelps draws upon his more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the field to create a fun and effective 'how to' book for children wanting to learn how to accurately and easily draw all manner of animals including the two-toed sloth, a polar bear, an African elephant, a pipistrelle bat, a dingo, a markhor, a walrus, a giraffe, an hyena, a rhinoceros, a wart hog, a leopard, a baboon, a slender loris, a red kangaro, a llama, an aardvark, a gorilla, and a lion.
Usually it is one that has been abandoned by another animal, such as a wart hog or an aardvark.
I've shot pigs in many parts of the country as well as wart hog in South Africa, and javelina in Texas.
I was thrilled by the variety of animals we saw at such close quarters - giraffe, zebra, gazelle, impala, wart hog, water buffalo, baboons, eagle.
Drop-in customers include falcons, eagles, nighthawks, wart hog and the occasional bear or moose.
On this day, Michele shot a good impala and bull gemsbok, and Fred got a big wart hog and bull gemsbok.
who went on an African safari where it ``witnessed'' a lion killing a wart hog.