wash away

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Verb1.wash away - eliminate; "wash away all the differences"
take away, remove - get rid of something abstract; "The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage"; "God takes away your sins"
2.wash away - remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agentwash away - remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent; "he washed the dirt from his coat"; "The nurse washed away the blood"; "Can you wash away the spots on the windows?"; "he managed to wash out the stains"
remove, take away, withdraw, take - remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract; "remove a threat"; "remove a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the table"; "take the gun from your pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from the environment"
wash, rinse - clean with some chemical process
wash out - wash free from unwanted substances, such as dirt; "Wash out your dirty shirt in the sink"

w>wash away

vt sep
(fig) to wash away somebody’s sinsjdn von seinen Sünden reinwaschen
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As to the travellers, they plunged into the clear and cool current, to wash away the dust of the road and refresh themselves after the heat of the day.
The parson greatly commended this resolution: and now the squire having ordered in another bottle, which was his usual method when anything either pleased or vexed him, did, by drinking plentifully of this medicinal julap, so totally wash away his choler, that his temper was become perfectly placid and serene, when Mrs Western returned with Sophia into the room.
But he never forgot or pardoned that circumstance of the shilling; holding that if he had come back to get another he would have done well enough, but that his returning to work out the former gift was a stain upon his moral character which no penitence or contrition could ever wash away.
I rose shaking the ashes from me, and went without the kraal to wash away their defilement.
Residents say the distance the village and the river has shrunk from 50 metres to 10 metres, warning the flooding could wash away the whole population.
The situation raised fears that a heavy tide could wash away more of the exposed sand and make the hole worse.
Summary: Thousands of Hindus have braved chilly winds to wash away their sins in the icy waters of the Ganges River.