(wŏsh′ĭ-tîr′ē-ə, wô′shĭ-)
A laundromat.




US a launderette
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There is Mid-Town Laundromat, which is a washeteria located in a pink building, but what also serves a mean eggs-bacon-and-pancakes breakfast.
My Beautiful Laundrette is to be screened at Moseley Washeteria, while Brief Encounter is to be shown at Moor Street Station.
Sarah Benson, CODIRECTOR: Washeteria felt like it wanted to be embedded in this Brooklyn neighborhood rather than in our theatre in Tribeca.
Showers, communal barbecue facilities, washeteria and there's even a superb bakery and Indian restaurant just down the road.
Amble Washeteria Carrie and Danny, owners of Washeteria, have now been open for just over a year.
As it turns out Carney actually disqualifies this latter example as a possible standard English spelling (Carney, 1994: 96) although he recognizes that such combinations are possible in 'commercial jargon' such as washeteria.
Those households with tanks installed can have water delivered, and others can haul water from the watering point at the washeteria.
She does her laundry at the local Washeteria and spends pounds 20 a month on one 40-minute session on a tanning bed.
The vehicle, which was being driven by a 76-year-old woman, went through the front of Washeteria on Aldsworth Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex, at around 9.
Main Street mixes murals depicting a movie theater and a hardware store, in colors specially selected for Alzheimer's residents, with a functioning ice cream shop, pet shop, washeteria, beauty shop, boutique and workshop.
The 84-year-old victim was attacked as she walked through the passage behind the Washeteria Launderette in Craven Road, yesterday shortly before 4.
the Washeteria (yes, you can do laundry) and American-themed cocktail bars like Bugsy's.