waste away

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يهزُل، يَضْعُف، يَفْقِد قُوَّتَه
sygne hen
veslast upp, hnigna
eriyip bitmektükenmek

w>waste away

vi (physically) → dahinschwinden (geh), → immer weniger werden


(weist) verb
to fail to use (something) fully or in the correct or most useful way. You're wasting my time with all these stupid questions.
1. material which is or has been made useless. industrial waste from the factories; (also adjective) waste material.
2. (the) act of wasting. That was a waste of an opportunity.
3. a huge stretch of unused or infertile land, or of water, desert, ice etc. the Arctic wastes.
ˈwastage (-tidʒ) noun
loss by wasting; the amount wasted. Of the total amount, roughly 20% was wastage.
ˈwasteful adjective
involving or causing waste. Throwing away that bread is wasteful.
ˈwastefully adverb
ˈwastefulness noun
waste paper
paper which is thrown away as not being useful. Offices usually have a great deal of waste paper.
wastepaper basket (ˈweispeipə)
a basket or other (small) container for waste paper. Put those old letters in the wastepaper basket.
waste pipe (ˈweispaip)
a pipe to carry off waste material, or water from a sink etc. The kitchen waste pipe is blocked.
waste away
to decay; to lose weight, strength and health etc. He is wasting away because he has a terrible disease.
References in classic literature ?
In dying, do they not rather waste away mournfully, rendering unto God, little by little, their existence, as these trees render up shadow after shadow, exhausting their substance unto dissolution?
Send some money straightway to these poor folk, lest the fat one waste away and grow as lean as the lean one, and the lean one waste away to nothing at all, ere they get to Lincoln Town; but send them only ten shillings apiece, lest they grow puffed up with pride, Any more than that that thou sendest, send to me.
can it be, most serene Casildea de Vandalia, that thou wilt suffer this thy captive knight to waste away and perish in ceaseless wanderings and rude and arduous toils?
If you are sorrowful, let me know why and be sorrowful too; if you waste away and are paler and weaker every day, let me be your nurse and try to comfort you.
Scientists from Liverpool University have shown just two weeks without exercise can take its toll, causing muscles to waste away and waistlines to expand.
The objective of plan is to divert waste away from landfill and manage commercial waste produced in Essex and Southend.
I was desperate for work and did not want to waste away anymore.
Three months on the International Space Station prompted mice skin to waste away and the animals' hair to grow, a new study shows.
Kirklees Council is urging caution when asking people to take their waste away for them - and to check if they have a licence.
If we can divert our waste away from land-fill and into something that can generate power for thousands of homes, then that has to be welcomed.
Thanks to these new facilities, we now divert over 95% of our waste away from landfill and, instead, put it to good use - either by recycling it into new products and compost or treating it to produce electricity.
The Co-operative Group is rolling out an innovative recycling scheme that will divert all food store waste away From landfill, whilst radically reducing road miles and operating costs.

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