waste of money

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Noun1.waste of money - money spent for inadequate returnwaste of money - money spent for inadequate return; "the senator said that the project was a waste of money"
waste, wastefulness, dissipation - useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly; "if the effort brings no compensating gain it is a waste"; "mindless dissipation of natural resources"
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Plornish, having been made acquainted with the cause of action from the Defendant's own mouth, gave Arthur to understand that the Plaintiff was a 'Chaunter'--meaning, not a singer of anthems, but a seller of horses--and that he (Plornish) considered that ten shillings in the pound 'would settle handsome,' and that more would be a waste of money.
That will be a very silly waste of money," said Madame de Bellegarde.
Pearce says you're going to give me some to wear in bed at night different to what I wear in the daytime; but it do seem a waste of money when you could get something to show.
But Sinn Fein Seeley councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor Catherine Seeley said they were a waste of money, especially so as there is an abundance of robes left over from the previous merger of the councils.
If this then leads to world-wide de-commissioning of all fossil fuel/nuclear power plants, I don't think anyone could then class the LHC as a waste of money.
I was also accused of stifling human curiosity by shouting my mouth off saying it was a waste of money.
These elections are a phenomenal waste of money at a time when the police forces are facing significant cuts.
This waste of money is a disgrace, worse than the cost of Peter Mandelson having Special Branch protection after his limited stint in Northern Ireland when he was as much a danger to the IRA as David Cameron is to Gordon Brown.
Midland boss Colin Kolles put the bill for that development at one billion US dollars (pounds 544 million) while Renault chief Flavio Briatore attacked the potential waste of money.
A new report says it may cost $10 million an acre to house elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo - a worthwhile expense for some animal enthusiasts, but a waste of money for others.
But the scheme has angered some residents, who say it is a waste of money.
You can say it's euro-propaganda," Hinckxt says, "but you can't say it's a waste of money.