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The ODT fits perfectly in the watch pocket of your jeans so there's no clip to clutter things up.
TLevi Strauss originally added it as a watch pocket for cowboys before wristwatches were in common use, and it has also been used for tickets, matches, coins, condoms and other items.
dropped watch pocket which measures approximately 3 inches wide and 4 inches
The Story of Jules Verne: A Watch Pocket Dog" by Wisconsin author and artist Wayne Caldwell Simmons brings together in a single 100-page volume a series of superbly written and intensely personal stories of his association with a seemingly rather ordinary and unimpressive canine foundling that grew to be an extraordinary and genuinely impressive hunting dog.
You can download a free Seafood Watch pocket guide or iTune App at www.
Nearly 200 partner organizations distribute Seafood Watch pocket guides.
Consumers can download and print out free Seafood Watch pocket guides to the "best choices" across six different regions of the U.
To illustrate how watch fobs were used, Gene displays a fully dressed manikin in his toy room, complete with a fob hanging out of the pocket watch pocket in the overalls.
While it's cute and tucks handily away almost anywhere (including the otherwise useless watch pocket in my denim jeans), the standard Mini Revolver is awfully hard to shoot with any kind of accuracy, even at bifocal range.
You can add pockets: watch pocket, wrist pocket, biceps pocket.
357 rounds in a package that fits naturally in the business card pocket of an American-cut sport coat or suit coat, or watch pocket of a pair of jeans.