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Okada Manila is all set for the grand unveiling on March 31 of the world's largest multicolor dancing water fountain, which is bound to be another Philippine tourism landmark.
The cooler tells one young man that's he's cool, to which he replies: "And you're a cool water fountain.
PORTMEIRION is inviting Daily Post readers to become a permanent part of its future by helping to name its newlyinstalled water fountain.
Jewish men were once against mobbed and attacked on the Temple Mount on Wednesday - this time, by Arab women loitering at Judaism's holy site who pounced on them for daring to drink from the water fountain.
The SkySwing offers spectacular views of the Global Village's pavilions and the amazing musical water fountain, all while being suspended 60 metres in the air.
com)-- Water Fountain Place, an ecommerce store specializing in water fountains and fountain accessories, issues an important reminder about regular cleaning for all indoor and outdoor water fountains.
My favourite water fountain has a tap where cyclists, hikers and runners line up to refill their BPA-free bottles.
took bows at the unveiling of their new, state-of-the-art water fountain for the disabled.
Now France is giving it a try: Paris has just installed its first sparkling water fountain, and if it catches on, will install more.
She described the preschool before the renovation, We had outdated bathrooms and the only water fountain for the children was actually located inside the bathroom.
One of the safest water features is a bubble water fountain.