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Noun1.water pump - the pump in the cooling system of an automobile that cause the water to circulatewater pump - the pump in the cooling system of an automobile that cause the water to circulate
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
pompe à eau
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Falk was about to go on deck and have it out at once, when he remarked that one of the ports of his cabin commanded the approaches to the fresh water pump.
The water pumps were at work again, and I am not sure that the soft-hearted Captain's eyes did not also twinkle.
com)-- Persistence Market Research (PMR) in its recent report titled, "Thailand Market Study on Water Pump: Industrial Segment to Witness Highest Growth by 2021" projects that the Thailand water pump market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 6.
The mechanic towed the car and said my water pump had frozen, and that broke my timing belt.
77 million vehicles globally over a steering shaft defect, which may result in faulty steering and a water pump problem.
THANKS to the recent Melingriffith Water Pump restoration, we took part in our first Open Doors European heritage event this year, in partnership with Friends of Hailey Park, Friends of Forest Farm and Cardiff council.
TOYOTA is replacing the hybrid electric water pump on certain Prius vehicles, while stressing that the issue does not represent a safety risk and the campaign is not a recall.
TM 3-4230-238-23&P for the new M26 Decon system lists a German product for the water pump oil.
The fishing boat had met with difficulty when its engine overheated after the cooling water pump failed.
Damascus Countryside, (SANA)- He was only 18 when heAa designed and made a steam water pump and developed the skill to install and dismantle any pump in less than 45 minutes.