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 (wô′tər-bĕd′, wŏt′ər-)
A bed with a mattress made of a tough plastic that is filled with water.


(Furniture) a waterproof mattress filled with water


(ˈwɔ tərˌbɛd, ˈwɒt ər-)

a bed with a liquid-filled rubber or plastic mattress in a waterproof frame.
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In 1978, they started the Waterbed Factory in Springfield, which expanded with stores in Eugene and Portland and got a new name, Riley's Waterbed Factory.
It was founded by professionals from the waterbed industry who created it as a specialty futon store offering American made solid wood frames, tables and mattresses.
Other luxuries include a heated king-sized waterbed and rubber flooring which is gentle on the animals' joints.
John was asleep on a waterbed in the room next to my studio when he heard a lot of glass breaking.
IT SYMBOLISED the rock 'n' roll excesses of the 1970s - a private boeing 727 complete with mantelpiece, waterbed and in-flight video.
During the week-long trial it was alleged Bibby had raped the woman after looking at her holiday photographs on her waterbed.
He once bought a waterbed and found a dead body at the bottom of it.
James Dunstan, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the first victim worked from a city centre address advertising as Oriental Waterbed Massage.
The 12-berth yacht boasts of comfy leather sofas, mirrors above a giant waterbed, a Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, a gym, kayaks, snorkelling gear and jet skis.
SWISS is the first airline to offer the revolutionary air comfort system to passengers enabling individual settings of whether to have a firmness of a futon or softness of a waterbed.
2000 A rowing couple called firefighters to their home in Halifax, after they burst their waterbed in a bedroom tiff.