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 (wô′tər-kŭl′ər, wŏt′ər-)
a. A paint composed of a water-soluble pigment.
b. A work that is executed through the use of this paint.
2. The art of using watercolors.

wa′ter·col′or adj.
wa′ter·col′or·ist n.
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Noun1.watercolorist - a painter who paints with watercolorswatercolorist - a painter who paints with watercolors
painter - an artist who paints
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Charlton Heston has completed the narration, San Francisco's noted columnist Herb Caen has finished the foreword, locales have been completed in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and scores of other cities - and master watercolorist Kingman has completed his paintings for the ``Tiger.
Paul Jackson, AWS, has been a watercolorist for more than ten years.
Art for All Seasons" highlights the work of some 75 of the center's artist members, including painters Sarkis Antikajian, Farley Craig, Suma Elan and Rakar West, watercolorist Pam Emberg, ceramic artist Jon King and photographer David Musgrove.
Other nominees flying in include Shannon Grissom, a painter from Hollister, CA; Leslie Rankin, a glass artist from Las Vegas; Jenik, a watercolorist from Los Angeles; Thad Morgan, an acrylics artist from Louisiana; Gimbolo, a painter from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and new-movement artist Tatiyana Kraeskaya, from Newport Beach, California.
His visual muse is watercolorist Charles Payzant, who painted the Valley during the 1940s and '50s.
Birgit Foley, who wants to add sketching to her repertoire to enhance her experience as a watercolorist, started out by drawing and shading oak leaves from a rustic bridge across a tiny creek.
The exhibit features works by watercolorist Ellen Gabehart, acrylics by Cody WIcker and sculpture by David Miller, whose "Through the Window" is shown above.
Widely regarded as the greatest American watercolorist of the 20th century, Vargas truly gave us the ideal image of the perfect American girl -- the "Vargas Girl.
Joining Bibbs at the Cleveland Fine Art Expo are numerous respected artists, including Woodrow Nash, an internationally renowned master sculptor from Akron, Ohio; Garner Chapman, of Cleveland, whose visually stimulating works embody life and energy; Danny Ratcliff, an Akron native whose traditional/classical paintings reflect his romantic flair; and Tom McKinney, a celebrated watercolorist and portrait artist.
FLORENCE - Work by watercolorist Sarah Kim will be shown at the Florence Events Center in September.
WHO: David Becker, MWS, an award-winning watercolorist.