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(wô′tərd-doun′, wŏt′ərd-)
Diminished in force or effect: "[Students] who do not [test well] get a watered-down curriculum that reflects the system's minimal expectations of them" (Sheila Tobias).


made weaker from or as if from dilution with water.
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Lower than normal in strength or concentration due to admixture:


[ˈwɔːtədˈdaʊn] ADJ
1. [wine] → aguado, bautizado; [juice, milk, paint] → diluido
2. (fig) [account, version] → suavizado; [bill, reform, compromise] → suavizado
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Watered-down laws to reign in boardroom excesses fall short of the Prime Minister's pledges to put workers on boards and give shareholders more power to block multimillion-pound pay packages.
A common way to do this is with watered-down emulsion (known as a mist coat), as the plaster sucks up the water and becomes less absorbent.
Watered-down emulsion produces a 'soft' edge on new plaster, whereas bare plaster paints often produce a 'harder' After the plasterers have finished, it's important you remember to apply a "ghost coat" of watered down paint edge that can adversely affect the finish, so it is advisable to water down the first coat, if you can cope with the mess.
These questions cropped up as the MILF reiterated its stand that it will not accept a watered-down, diluted, or "ugly" Bangsamoro law.
We painted the walls with one coat of some watered-down emulsion and then did two coats of matt.
Our community knows puritanical marginalization too well--we should realize that acceptance of watered-down queerness is not true equality.
Were those old Sadlier CCD books of the '70s that they studied just watered-down sociology tracts as I suspected even then?
But this isn't some watered-down version of America's great art form.
These were stunt Republicans, the watered-down pastel version of the GOP.
In addition, the cartoons themselves are undergoing a transformation with more watered-down content.
Under the influence of progressive educators, the curriculum was filled with watered-down and nonacademic courses.
BOSSES of Chester night-club Rosie's were fined a total of pounds 10, 200 yesterday for selling watered-down drinks.