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 (wô′tər-lôg′, -lŏg′, wŏt′ər-)
tr.v. wa·ter·logged, wa·ter·log·ging, wa·ter·logs
1. To make (a boat, for example) heavy and unwieldy by flooding with water.
2. To saturate with water and make soggy or unusable.

[Back-formation from waterlogged.]


1. (Physical Geography) the saturation of ground with water
2. (Nautical Terms) the filling of a boat with water
engorgement d’un sol
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He added that they had received 58 complaints of waterlogging from residents all of which have been addressed successfully.
Most of the roads, lanes and bylanes in the capital city suffer from serious waterlogging due to incessant rainfall since Thursday night.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] Aug 15 (ANI): Overnight rains in Bengaluru have resulted in severe waterlogging in many areas, especially in southern and eastern parts, as the city witnessed record breaking rains.
Different waterlogging tolerance indices between 15 rapeseed (Brassica napus L.
Floods and waterlogging in Dhaka regularly disrupt the lives and livelihoods of the city dwellers and most adversely affect the fringe areas and slums.
THE heavy downpour on Tuesday washed away Municipal Corporation of Delhi and PWD's claims of making best efforts to keep the city free from waterlogging.
It was Kolkata's turn to face the annual monsoon mayhem on Friday as incessant overnight rainfall caused waterlogging in several areas forcing citizens to wade through knee-deep water.
Excessive waterlogging limits the oxygen supply to roots.
Bootle v Glossop North End and Winsford v Runcorn Linnets were postponed due to waterlogging.
The weekend's racing action has also been affected by the weather, with today's fixture at Sandown abandoned due to waterlogging following an inspection yesterday afternoon.
Rain and waterlogging are the issues for jumps fixtures in Britain for the early part of the week, with the scheduled cards at Plumpton today and Lingfield and Taunton tomorrow abandoned - Lingfield is now a bumpers for jumpers meeting.
There are no published data on how these values relate to the global area sown to wheat, although earlier estimates indicated 10-15 Mha of wheat affected by waterlogging each year (Sayre et al.