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 (wô′tər-skāp′, wŏt′ər-)
A seascape.


(Art Terms) a picture, view, or representation of a body of water


(ˈwɔ tərˌskeɪp, ˈwɒt ər-)

a picture or view of the sea or other body of water.


1. a view of a stretch or body of water, as a lake.
2. a drawing or painting of such a view.
See also: Representation
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Noun1.waterscape - a painting of the sea (as distinguished from a landscape)
painting, picture - graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso"; "he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang in the Louvre"
References in classic literature ?
It was rather a waterscape than a landscape, a thing of flooded meadows and low trees and the dark archway of a bridge.
This history of Chicago recounts how politicians and private investors collaborated to create new infrastructure and public space on the lake waterfront to facilitate profit making, and transformed ChicagoAEs waterscape from a disease-infested swamp into an asset for economic development.
In addition, a sunset cocktail on the terrace of The Refectory Restaurant followed by a romantic set dinner set against the stunning waterscape.
More than 200 full-color images (each with brief, descriptive captions) reveal the bay's waterscape, wildlife, ecology, history, and present day, as well as its inhabitants: declining numbers of watermen who live by crabbing and oystering, and wealthy inlanders seeking escape from the stresses of urban life.
LONDON -- A Venetian waterscape by Claude Monet has sold for more than $35 million at a London auction as the high-end art market shows resilience in a bumpy global economy.
It also has a marina capable of handling large yachts and a 141-acre waterscape comprised of fresh and saltwater lagoons, pools and habitats.
And if you want to hire a rowing boat to explore the waterscape, you're just steps away from the boat station and a short walk to a city that dates back to Roman times and still has a thermal spa.
Among the most intriguing of the photographer's waterscape works on display are "#3" and "#24.
Another difficult job Gascon has faced involved building a waterscape in Shawnee, Kan.
HNA Property Holding Group, a Chinese corporation, purchased the 45-story tower at 70 West 45th Street after the developer, Waterscape Resorts LLC, fell into financial trouble last year.
Assa Properties, a US-based real estate company that owns Cassa Hotel and Residences and Waterscape Resorts, has announced the sale of the Cassa Hotel and Residences, located in new York, US.
A floating stage was set-up on the Shindagha creek as the 'Spirit of the Union' was hosted on a special waterscape with dancers, performers and artists performing.