wave shape

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Noun1.wave shape - the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time
undulation, wave - (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth
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You may not have found another similar wave shape, but there have been gobs of great investments over the years, available for those who read up and do some research.
The resulting 1/3 volt at full range current mirrors the primary circuit wave shape with less than a 2-degree difference in the phase angle and overall linearity of better than 1 percent of the full scale output.
For fast front surges of a 1/5 [micro]s wave shape, it is evident that the simplified model yields more accurate results then the IEEE model in all cases.
The wave shape of the room is also a unique aspect that is very eye catching.
Designed in a wave shape to allow all apartments to have sea views, Dilmunia RAK will be at the heart of Al Marjan Island, the 2.
Operators can choose a square wave shape for fast travel speeds and excellent puddle control, a sine wave for a traditional softer sounding arc, or a triangular wave at low amperages to reduce the heat input into the weld.
Each one of them is processed in order to eliminate the effect of dispersion on wave shape, a specific phenomenon to wave propagation in bars.
5% downspread at 33 kHz with a triangular wave shape.
Researchers hope the change in the wave shape will result in sound that is quieter than the sonic boom of the supersonic Concorde jetliner -- now retired -- by a factor of 10,000, according to Gulfstream.
Like Haviland, Villeroy & Boch built onto an existing pattern, New Wave, with more color, launching New Wave Ocean-blue and green glass dishes in the New Wave shape.