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A structure of conductive or dielectric material boundaries used to guide high-frequency electromagnetic and acoustic waves.


(Electronics) electronics a solid rod of dielectric or a hollow metal tube, usually of rectangular cross section, used as a path to guide microwaves



a conduit, as a metal tube, coaxial cable, or strand of glass fibers, used as a conductor or directional transmitter for various kinds of electromagnetic waves.
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Noun1.waveguide - a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves; used in radar
conductor - a device designed to transmit electricity, heat, etc.
microwave radar, radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocation - measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects
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The stop band moves to the higher frequencies approximately 10 GHz, when the structure of waveguide consists of n-GaAs semiconductor core and n-In[As.
has launched the Polymicro Technologies MediSpec Hollow Silica Waveguide with aiming beam technology, the company said on Tuesday.
But it wasn't until the past decade that optical interconnect emerged as another promising market opportunity for polymer waveguide technology.
Therefore, this review paper is aimed at optimizing the fabrication process of linear waveguide so as to maximize the evanescent field.
For a physical implementation, the complex wave modes can be equivalent to evanescent modes because the electromagnetic wave expeditiously loses its power and disappears in the waveguide.
Most SWAs are resonant where an electrical short at the end of the waveguide reflects the incoming RF to create a standing wave within the waveguide.
The waveguide phase shifters are in stock for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity.
Elliptical waveguide can be a big help in lightening the load on transmission towers.
Pasternack has introduced WR-137 through WR-34, a new family of waveguide directional couplers displaying performance up to 33 GHz, the company said.
Browse AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) Market Report spread through 150 Pages at http://www.
Pasternack's new waveguide twists are useful components when building a waveguide system, as they allow the waveguide to be turned at a precise angle in order to meet the mechanical and electrical constraints of the overall system.
The proposed geometry of nonlinear hybrid plasmonic waveguide is shown in below fig 1.