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adj. wav·i·er, wav·i·est
1. Abounding or rising in waves: a wavy sea.
2. Marked by or moving in a wavelike form or motion; sinuous.
3. Having curls, curves, or undulations: wavy hair.
4. Characteristic or suggestive of waves.
5. Wavering; unstable.

wav′i·ly adv.
wav′i·ness n.
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Noun1.waviness - (of hair) a tendency to curl
curvature, curve - the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface
2.waviness - unevenness produced by waves or wrinkles
unevenness, variability - the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity
bølgende egenskab
bylgjótt yfirborî
dalgalı olmadalgalılık


(weiv) noun
1. a moving ridge, larger than a ripple, moving on the surface of water. rolling waves; a boat tossing on the waves.
2. a vibration travelling eg through the air. radio waves; sound waves; light waves.
3. a curve or curves in the hair. Are those waves natural?
4. a (usually temporary) rise or increase. the recent crime wave; a wave of violence; The pain came in waves.
5. an act of waving. She recognized me, and gave me a wave.
1. to move backwards and forwards or flutter. The flags waved gently in the breeze.
2. to (cause hair to) curve first one way then the other. She's had her hair waved; Her hair waves naturally.
3. to make a gesture (of greeting etc) with (eg the hand). She waved to me across the street; Everyone was waving handkerchiefs in farewell; They waved goodbye.
ˈwavy adjective
(of hair) full of waves. Her hair is wavy but her sister's hair is straight.
ˈwaviness noun
ˈwave(band) noun
a range of wavelengths on which eg radio signals are broadcast.
ˈwavelength noun
the distance from any given point on one (radio etc) wave to the corresponding point on the next.
wave aside
to dismiss (a suggestion etc) without paying much attention to it.
References in classic literature ?
She was still wearing her walking-dress, prim and straight in its folds about her tall, graceful figure, and her hair, save for the slight waviness about the forehead, was plainly dressed.
ZEISS ROTOS is intended for users that inspect size, position or form on a coordinate measuring machine and also need to measure roughness and waviness on the same workpiece.
89 at 190[degrees]C, the interfacial flow is still stable, with few interfacial waviness observed during the flow exiting the die.
The waviness is found to induce swirling at larger Reynolds numbers in the flow, which consequently boosts heat and mass transfer significantly.
Flow rate, bell speed, and shaping air were found to have the most impact on surface waviness.
The waviness in the jetstream can have broad effects.
The new equation takes into account the stiffness of hairs, the effects of gravity and the presence of random curliness or waviness.
Evaluation of texture, waviness and many other parameters is possible to do on this devise according to various national and international standards.
The technology features a laser scanning sensor that extracts the surface form and waviness data in one scan, providing new metrology capability to improve the production's process quality and performance.
smoothes hair cuticles, increases root volume, provides flexibility and gives hair that sexy, fresh-from-the-beach waviness without typical product build-up, according to the company.
25 mm cutoff mainly used in our previous experiments and eliminates more components considered as low frequency waviness of the topography.