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Noun1.wax crayon - writing implement consisting of a colored stick of composition wax used for writing and drawingwax crayon - writing implement consisting of a colored stick of composition wax used for writing and drawing
writing implement - an implement that is used to write
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All was as it should be in this ancient past, it seemed to me then; an immovable foundation to our young present, its truths rendered indelible in primary coloured, wax crayon.
Kenneth was 13 when he created a battle scene in wax crayon and watercolour.
It is a vortex of oil paint, lead pencil, and wax crayon.
The works on paper range in material from graphite pencil and watercolor to india ink imprints, wax crayon, gouache, butterfly-wing collages, incised scratchboards, and paint with gum arabic.
MRS DAWN PARKER AIT really depends on the dent but you can melt a wax crayon or a coloured wax stick which you can find next to laminate floor sections in large DIY stores.
A bit of deconstruction analysis tells us that the key to Crayola's sustained brand equity is in its "quality image" as a wax crayon.
Observing and drawing these in pencil, wax crayon and charcoal, she then uses basic slab techniques in clay, not to copy them but to extend them into sculptural forms with uncanny emotional effect.
He depicts the life of stuff in the footprints left by human beings, from wax crayon and pencil "rubbings" of a solitaire card game in progress to a "screen rubbing" of an SMS conversation on a phone.
The use of what looks like wax crayon for the line at the bottom of each page gives depth to the otherwise blank background against which the penguins are set, and may give hope to the young artist restricted to this medium.
He created a multitude of paintings in different techniques, such as acrylic, water color, pencil, color pencil, and wax crayon.
With the brilliant (in every sense) "Guitarra Espanola" (2002), a guitar completely covered with a mosaic of multicolored wax crayon stubs, Rivera has created an instant classic.