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Any of several birds of the genus Bombycilla of the Northern Hemisphere, having a crested head, grayish-brown plumage, and usually waxy red tips on the wing feathers.


(Animals) any of several gregarious passerine songbirds of the genus Bombycilla, esp B. garrulus, having red waxy wing tips and crested heads: family Bombycillidae



any of several crested songbirds of the family Bombycillidae, of the Northern Hemisphere, having certain feathers tipped with a red, waxy substance.
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Noun1.waxwing - brown velvety-plumaged songbirds of the northern hemisphere having crested heads and red waxy wing tipswaxwing - brown velvety-plumaged songbirds of the northern hemisphere having crested heads and red waxy wing tips
oscine, oscine bird - passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
Bombycilla cedrorun, cedar waxwing, cedarbird - widely distributed over temperate North America
Bohemian waxwing, Bombycilla garrulus - large waxwing of northern North America; similar to but larger than the cedar waxwing


[ˈwæksˌwɪŋ] nbeccofrusone m
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Another winter visitor to look for is of course the exotic looking waxwing.
They include Luna Waxwing and Hoppy Ziller, two ardent environmentalists who meet and are arrested during a protest, and Elias and Grace Buchman, baby boomers who've chosen to retire in Stony Mesa.
The officers found a variety of illegal items for sale, including: fur coats, hats and accessories made from jaguar, leopard and ocelot, costing as much as $7,000 apiece; 32 items made from ivory at up to $2,000 each; and a large glass-encased diorama of mounted songbirds including several hummingbird species, cedar waxwing, scarlet tanager, evening grosbeak and many other species for $2,450.
My favourite double paged spreads featured Winter visitors such as the redwing and waxwing, and red kites because I can watch them gliding on the air currents from my kitchen window.
Tim Cossins, from Marton on Teesside, won the Wildlife Portraits award for his picture of a waxwing at Saltholme reserve.
Among them are mallard, great blue heron, rock pigeon, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, peregrine falcon, blue jay, American crow, tree and barn swallows, house wren, bluebirds and robins, cedar waxwing, tanagers, northern cardinal and American goldfinch.
Caption: The Birdsnap program maps birds' bodies to identify species in photos taken from different angles (bohemian waxwing shown above).
And each day brings more sightings of waxwing flocks - stunning birds forced to flee their homeland because of a chronic berry shortage.
Ornithologists feel this winter's invasion may even eclipse the waxwing deluge of 2009 when hundreds gathered in Meriden.
Out there, a lot of fishermen use the Shimano Waxwing lures, which dart in an exaggerated Z-shape while remaining upright.
The Waxwing is now viewable for potential buyers and already significant interest has been expressed.
It was a young cedar waxwing, which was lying on its back on the deck.