weak interaction

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weak interaction

1. One of the four fundamental interactions of nature, mediated by the intermediate vector bosons and acting on leptons and quarks. It is responsible for the decay of many hadrons, for the beta decay of nuclei, and for the interactions of neutrinos. The weak interaction is weaker than the strong and electromagnetic interactions, but stronger than the gravitational interaction.
2. An instance of this interaction.

weak interaction


weak force

(General Physics) physics an interaction between elementary particles that is responsible for certain decay processes, operates at distances less than about 10–15 metres, and is 1012 times weaker than the strong interaction. The weak interaction and electromagnetic interactions are now described by the unifying electroweak theory. Also called: weak nuclear interaction or weak nuclear force See interaction2, electroweak interaction

weak′ interac′tion

the interaction between elementary particles and the three intermediate vector bosons that carry the weak force.
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Noun1.weak interaction - (physics) an interaction between elementary particles involving neutrinos or antineutrinos that is responsible for certain kinds of radioactive decay; mediated by intermediate vector bosons
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
fundamental interaction, interaction - (physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields; mediated by gauge bosons
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All fermions will make use of chirally symmetric fermion formulations, and this willbring particular simplification to the predictive calculation of the weak interaction amplitudesthat constrain searches for new physics in experiments such as the LHC.
Third we apply this gauge to construct a regular lattice suitable to unambiguously transport the (integer) value of the electric charge unit over the space-time and find that parity violating weak interaction is a necessary component of this (Sec.
For his fundamental insight into the process by which elementary particles decay through the weak interaction.
In this case, it is feasible to consider the solution as a superposition of such pulses and to develop a weak interaction theory.
The observed decrease in intensities can be related to curcumin weak interaction with or intercalation into DNA duplex and helix stabilization of DNA duplex at higher concentration(r=1/10).
Other topics discussed include space-time symmetries, the quark model of hadrons, quantum chromodynamics and jet physics, the weak interaction (including its unification with the electromagnetic interaction and CP violation and other related symmetries), and some important open questions beyond the standard model that are currently being investigated.
F] is Fermi constant of weak interaction (obtained from the [mu]-decay rate).
Salam missed the chance of sharing the prize in 1957 for his theory of "Parity Violation in weak interaction.
Nonetheless, voids were observed, indicative of weak interaction between plastics and fiber, which is quite probably due to the hydrophilic nature of newspaper fiber and the hydrophobic nature of plastics.
HNBR and EPDM have a relatively weak interaction with the carbon black because of their high degree of saturation.
w] is the Weinberg angle of mixing of the weak interaction, it equals 28.
Obviously, these tiny samples produce weak interaction signals, and this is why it is important to have the most brilliant X-ray beams for this type of experiments," said Mohammed Mezouar, the scientist responsible for the high-pressure beamline ID27 at the ESRF.