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(ˈwi kɪʃ)

rather weak.
weak′ish•ly, adv.
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There was an innocent young waiter of a slender form and with weakish legs, as yet unversed in the wiles of waiterhood, and but too evidently of a romantic temperament, and deeply (it were not too much to add hopelessly) in love with some young female not aware of his merit.
Wednesday also looks dry, with a weakish front coming through Wednesday night into Thursday.
ELLAS CONNIE (Race 1) is looking for his maiden victory and could take advantage of a weakish bunch of rivals.
The histrionically unimpeachable Emalie Savoy was a mixed vocal blessing as Fiordiligi: plenty of size and color midrange, but a weakish chest voice and a top that often emerged blasty and harsh.
On November 16, Dorothy reports, "Win somewhat weakish,
It has been well said that anagrams have an inner life of their own, and there is an eerie aptness to William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller.
We suffered from having to take a relatively weakish set of backs down to Esher, which we are not doing this weekend.
As it turned out, Deutschland hacked up but he was entitled to in a weakish race.
Albany won a weakish race at Wetherby on his last start for Johnson but was subsequently claimed by George Baker.