wear on

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Verb1.wear on - pass slowly (of time); "The day wore on"
wane, go down, decline - grow smaller; "Interest in the project waned"

w>wear on

visich hinziehen, sich (da)hinschleppen; (year)voranschreiten; as the evening/year etc wore onim Laufe des Abends/Jahres etc
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and with a sudden gesture he plucked forth the offending corsets from under the sofa cushion, and held them out with the expression one would wear on beholding the thumbscrews or the rack of ancient times.
But she has one thing in the drawer which she can venture to wear to-day, because she can hang it on the chain of dark-brown berries which she has been used to wear on grand days, with a tiny flat scent-bottle at the end of it tucked inside her frock; and she must put on her brown berries-- her neck would look so unfinished without it.
Keep a thick tire tread - Wear on a tire or poor drainage on the road will lead to an inability to move water out of the way fast enough, often causing a loss of control when steering.