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The ability of a garment to withstand prolonged wear.
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Eagle-eyed customers have spotted the cheaper version whilePrimarkhave been recently releasing many beauty products with bargain price tags with good, durable wearability.
As earphones have become part of the uniform of youth and our consumers every day gear, our approach to the wireless category as a whole has been to solve the problems of all day wearability and performance without sacrificing quality and aesthetics," said Mivi co-founder and chief marketing officer, Midhula Devabhaktuni.
The winner will be chosen based on comfort, style and wearability post-flight.
The lenses feature SmartCurve technology, which enable parameters to be modified to create a bespoke lens that meets the wearers fit and wearability needs .
During the evaluation of prototypes, designers use criteria such as price, consumption of raw materials, difficulty level of production, quality, and other attributes valued by consumers, as wearability and appearance.
The T94 Series offers features that lead to all-day wearability, improving productivity as well as long-term health benefits --qualities appreciated by the operator and employer
Shipboard wearability and functionality was of extreme importance with the development of the IFRV," Adm.
Once again the collection screams style but still has that quality and wearability for real women.
Its suede Vinton bootie is equipped with a leather footbed and microfiber lining, both designed for ultimate comfort and easy wearability.
Designed for 24/7 wearability, the trackers come with a connected app that helps parents monitor their children's activity levels.
It's about the wearability, the fabric and how they fit on the body.
Built for high performance contract applications all four patterns offer outstanding wearability, exceeding over 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) and include Incase finishing and acrylic backing for a wide range of applications.