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n. Archaic
The gullet or throat.

[Middle English wesand, perhaps from Old English *wǣsend, variant of wāsand.]


(Anatomy) a former name for the trachea
[Old English wǣsend, wāsend; related to Old Frisian wāsenda, Old High German weisont vein, Danish vissen]
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By Heaven, and all saints in it, better food hath not passed my weasand for three livelong days, and by God's providence it is that I am now here to tell it.
In 2014, the scope of sampling was expanded to include all precursor materials (PM) intended for use in FRGBP, including boneless beef, coarse ground beef, hearts, head meat, cheek meat, tongue roots, and weasand (oesophagus) meat.
2013): the weight of the carcass, bone, green hide, head, front hooves, hind hooves, furs, rumen, reticulum, abomasum, omasum, heart, liver, kidney, lung and weasand, pizzle, testes, gonad fat, spleen, and oxtail; carcass yield; kidney fat; degree of marbling; meat color score, fat color score; fatty acid composition content; carcass length; carcass depth; hind leg circumference; hind leg width; thigh meat thickness; thorax depth; thickness of the loin; hind leg length; thickness of fat coverage; pH of the fresh carcass; and pH of beef.