weather condition

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: condition - the atmospheric conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitationweather condition - the atmospheric conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitation; "they were hoping for good weather"; "every day we have weather conditions and yesterday was no exception"; "the conditions were too rainy for playing in the snow"
meteorology - the earth science dealing with phenomena of the atmosphere (especially weather)
atmospheric phenomenon - a physical phenomenon associated with the atmosphere
cold weather - a period of unusually cold weather
fair weather, temperateness, sunshine - moderate weather; suitable for outdoor activities
hot weather - a period of unusually high temperatures
thaw, thawing, warming - warm weather following a freeze; snow and ice melt; "they welcomed the spring thaw"
downfall, precipitation - the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist)
wave - a persistent and widespread unusual weather condition (especially of unusual temperatures); "a heat wave"
elements - violent or severe weather (viewed as caused by the action of the four elements); "they felt the full fury of the elements"
air current, current of air, wind - air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure; "trees bent under the fierce winds"; "when there is no wind, row"; "the radioactivity was being swept upwards by the air current and out into the atmosphere"
atmospheric state, atmosphere - the weather or climate at some place; "the atmosphere was thick with fog"
good weather - weather suitable for outdoor activities
bad weather, inclemency, inclementness - weather unsuitable for outdoor activities
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To attempt to ride out such a storm upon the surface seemed suicidal, for the Coldwater was not designed for surface navigation except under fair weather conditions.
Samsun" hoisted anchor from Istanbul's Sarayburnu earlier on Thursday to evacuate Turkish nationals from Libya where many people were killed in the uprising, however, it anchored off Crete due to bad weather condition.
Every student gets a turn to determine the weather condition.
PIA spokesman said the weather condition was expected to prevail for the next few days and is beyond the control of the airline.
The DGMAN is committed to transparency and advising everybody of the developments of weather conditions in the Sultanate through its regular weather bulletins or the detailed statements depending on the weather conditions.
MUSCAT -- The Directorate-General for Meteorology and Air Navigation at the Ministry of Transport and Communi-cations yesterday dismissed the rumour being circulated that the Sultanate will be affected by unusual weather conditions.
KARACHI -- Due to the weather conditions (dense fog and smog) prevailing in the country, some of PIA flights operating on Wednesday and Thursday been revised, few cancelled.
He said it would be premature to suggest that whether the M-I would be closed tonight and will depend upon the weather condition.
These restrictions are subject to change depending on local weather conditions.
Assistant Meteorologist, PMD, Ruqqiya Mahmood said that cloudy weather conditions have subsided the dense fog and lessen the intensity of cold wave conditions which was gripping most parts of the country, raising slightly the minimum temperatures.
The images show that the game is inaccurately identifying real life weather conditions and sending out dire warnings that are completely unnecessary.
Gandhinagar [Gujarat], July 25 ( ANI ): Having been severely handicapped due to extreme weather conditions for most of the day on Monday, the India Air Force (IAF) used a window of opportunity on Tuesday with slightly better weather conditions and launched 04 MI-17V5 helicopters for flood rescue and relief operations in Gujarat and Rajasthan.