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tr.v. weath·er-stripped, weath·er-strip·ping, weath·er-strips
To fit or equip with weather stripping.
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Typically, weather-strips (1) are installed in automotive industry and civil engineering, in order to prevent water leakage, block exterior noises, minimize body and window vibration, and provide some shock absorbing capacity.
Weather-strips are realized by elastomers, which typically are viscoelastic materials.
In addition, it has to be emphasized that, when peroxides cure method is used, the rubber base could exhibit a peculiar smell, which is obviously inacceptable for the production of weather-strips.
Such approach follows a relatively long tradition regarding FEMs applied to then-no--mechanical problems of weather-strips installed within devices subjected, after thermal curing, for static and dynamic loads (15-19).
Vulcanization of Thick Weather-Strips with Accelerated Sulfur
Generally, weather-strips are produced from ter-polymers with an ENB content equal to around 6.
The blend studied to realize the weather-strip is a mix of two different EPDMs (Dutral TER 4049 and 9046) with a medium amount of propylene content (ca.
5 will be used in the following section to perform some simulations on a real weather-strip.
In a weather-strip subjected to any vulcanization process, an inhomogeneous distribution of temperatures between internal (cool) zone and (hot) skin occurs.
For the discretization of the weather-strip, which is schematically represented by its cross-section, 4-and 3-noded 2D elements are utilized.
Install weather-strips, caulk and insulate - Air leaks can be costly.
Homeowners can save energy and money by taking some very simple and inexpensive steps such as properly sealing doors and windows with weather-strips, thresholds and caulk.