Skilled in predicting shifts, as in the weather or public opinion.


1. (Physical Geography) skilful or experienced in predicting weather conditions
2. skilful or experienced in predicting trends in public opinion, reactions, etc


1. skillful in predicting weather.
2. skillful in predicting reactions, opinions, etc.: weather-wise political experts.
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The man examined the sky with a weather-wise air for some moments.
Jo Howcroft Worksop, Notts #What a fantastic November we've just had weather-wise.
It's not all bad news weather-wise, warmer temperatures should spread across Wales from Wednesday with temperatures reaching the low 20s by the weekend.
THERE have been plenty of dismal days weather-wise recently, so the release of next year's cricket fixtures has lifted the gloom.
It is a great atmosphere at the Big Tees Sleepout and it is only a few hours of your own life so it will be well worth the trouble whatever happens weather-wise," Susan said.
England are spending time in the Algarve and Miami in preparation for the expected hot and humid conditions, although their training camp in Portugal has not exactly gone to plan so far weather-wise.
But now we've turned a corner weather-wise, the spring-summer version celebrates the hot colours of butterflies, birds and bright blooms.
As the weekend approaches there seems to be a bit of a North-South divide weather-wise.
When set alongside the other economic news we ve seen recently, and with forecasters predicting an above average September weather-wise, we expect this month to be another positive one and for UK PLC to end the third quarter on a high.
And what a perfect weekend, weather-wise, for enjoying the garden - and a full moon on his birthday too.
Steve Nutt from Tillside Cricket Club, said: "The last few years have been very testing weather-wise.
She said: "It was the greatest experience ever and so worth all the hours of training in what was not the easiest of winters and springs weather-wise.