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1. A weathervane, especially one in the form of a rooster.
2. One that is very changeable or fickle.
intr.v. weath·er·cocked, weath·er·cock·ing, weath·er·cocks
To have a tendency to veer in the direction of the wind. Used of an aircraft or a missile.


1. (Physical Geography) a weather vane in the form of a cock
2. a person who is fickle or changeable
(Aeronautics) (intr) (of an aircraft) to turn or tend to turn into the wind


(ˈwɛð ərˌkɒk)

1. a weather vane with the figure of a rooster on it.
2. (loosely) any weather vane.
3. a person who readily adopts the latest fads, opinions, etc.


Past participle: weathercocked
Gerund: weathercocking

I weathercock
you weathercock
he/she/it weathercocks
we weathercock
you weathercock
they weathercock
I weathercocked
you weathercocked
he/she/it weathercocked
we weathercocked
you weathercocked
they weathercocked
Present Continuous
I am weathercocking
you are weathercocking
he/she/it is weathercocking
we are weathercocking
you are weathercocking
they are weathercocking
Present Perfect
I have weathercocked
you have weathercocked
he/she/it has weathercocked
we have weathercocked
you have weathercocked
they have weathercocked
Past Continuous
I was weathercocking
you were weathercocking
he/she/it was weathercocking
we were weathercocking
you were weathercocking
they were weathercocking
Past Perfect
I had weathercocked
you had weathercocked
he/she/it had weathercocked
we had weathercocked
you had weathercocked
they had weathercocked
I will weathercock
you will weathercock
he/she/it will weathercock
we will weathercock
you will weathercock
they will weathercock
Future Perfect
I will have weathercocked
you will have weathercocked
he/she/it will have weathercocked
we will have weathercocked
you will have weathercocked
they will have weathercocked
Future Continuous
I will be weathercocking
you will be weathercocking
he/she/it will be weathercocking
we will be weathercocking
you will be weathercocking
they will be weathercocking
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been weathercocking
you have been weathercocking
he/she/it has been weathercocking
we have been weathercocking
you have been weathercocking
they have been weathercocking
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been weathercocking
you will have been weathercocking
he/she/it will have been weathercocking
we will have been weathercocking
you will have been weathercocking
they will have been weathercocking
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been weathercocking
you had been weathercocking
he/she/it had been weathercocking
we had been weathercocking
you had been weathercocking
they had been weathercocking
I would weathercock
you would weathercock
he/she/it would weathercock
we would weathercock
you would weathercock
they would weathercock
Past Conditional
I would have weathercocked
you would have weathercocked
he/she/it would have weathercocked
we would have weathercocked
you would have weathercocked
they would have weathercocked
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Noun1.weathercock - weathervane with a vane in the form of a roosterweathercock - weathervane with a vane in the form of a rooster
vane, weather vane, weathervane, wind vane - mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind
rüzgâr gülü


[ˈweðəkɒk] Nveleta f


[ˈwɛðəˌkɒk] nbanderuola


(ˈweθə) noun
conditions in the atmosphere, especially as regards heat or cold, wind, rain, snow etc. The weather is too hot for me; stormy weather; (also adjective) a weather chart/report, the weather forecast.
1. to affect or be affected by exposure to the air, resulting in drying, change of colour, shape etc. The wind and sea have weathered the rocks quite smooth.
2. to survive safely. The ship weathered the storm although she was badly damaged.
ˈweatherbeaten adjective
showing effects of exposure to the weather. a weatherbeaten face.
ˈweathercock, ˈweathervane nouns
a piece of metal (often in the form of a farmyard cock), placed on top of a building, which turns to show the direction of the wind.
weatherperson noun
(also weather forecaster; ~weatherman; ~weathergirl) a person who gives weather forecast on television or radio.
make heavy weather of
to find it very (often unnecessarily) difficult to do (something). She's making heavy weather of typing that letter.
under the weather
in poor health. I'm feeling under the weather this week.

weather refers to climate: fine weather .
whether is a conjunction: Do you know whether he is coming?
References in classic literature ?
It was an important-looking village, with a fine old church and large churchyard in the heart of it, and two or three large brick-and-stone homesteads, with well-walled orchards and ornamental weathercocks, standing close upon the road, and lifting more imposing fronts than the rectory, which peeped from among the trees on the other side of the churchyard:--a village which showed at once the summits of its social life, and told the practised eye that there was no great park and manor-house in the vicinity, but that there were several chiefs in Raveloe who could farm badly quite at their ease, drawing enough money from their bad farming, in those war times, to live in a rollicking fashion, and keep a jolly Christmas, Whitsun, and Easter tide.
the hybrid excrescences, with which the fancy of the architects had loaded it during the last two centuries, with all the apses of its chapels, all the gables of its galleries, a thousand weathercocks for the four winds, and its two lofty contiguous towers, whose conical roof, surrounded by battlements at its base, looked like those pointed caps which have their edges turned up.
Will it be believed that the governor of such a house as this, is appointed, and deposed, and changed perpetually, as Parties fluctuate and vary, and as their despicable weathercocks are blown this way or that?
Then there were white railings and white gates all about, and glittering weathercocks of various design, and garden-walks paved with pebbles in beautiful patterns,--nothing was quite common at Garum Firs; and Tom thought that the unusual size of the toads there was simply due to the general unusualness which characterized uncle Pullet's possessions as a gentleman farmer.
Laurence is looking up at the sky and the weathercock.
I picture myself coming downstairs in the morning, and looking through a long ghastly gash of a staircase window at the school-bell hanging on the top of an out-house with a weathercock above it; and dreading the time when it shall ring J.
There was an astronomer, who had undertaken to place a sun-dial upon the great weathercock on the town-house, by adjusting the annual and diurnal motions of the earth and sun, so as to answer and coincide with all accidental turnings of the wind.
The scatterbrain that gave La Mancha more Rich spoils than Jason's; who a point so keen Had to his wit, and happier far had been If his wit's weathercock a blunter bore; The arm renowned far as Gaeta's shore, Cathay, and all the lands that lie between; The muse discreet and terrible in mien As ever wrote on brass in days of yore; He who surpassed the Amadises all, And who as naught the Galaors accounted, Supported by his love and gallantry: Who made the Belianises sing small, And sought renown on Rocinante mounted; Here, underneath this cold stone, doth he lie.
Because she flew into a great passion on receiving the letter, saying that Monsieur Porthos was a weathercock, and that she was sure it was for some woman he had received this wound.
Now the sight of this chateau had taken Raoul back fifty leagues westward and had caused him to review his life from the moment when he had taken leave of little Louise to that in which he had seen her for the first time; and every branch of oak, every gilded weathercock on roof of slates, reminded him that, instead of returning to the friends of his childhood, every instant estranged him further and that perhaps he had even left them forever.