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An instrument, such as a barometer, designed to indicate changes in atmospheric conditions.


(Physical Geography) (not in technical use) any of various instruments, esp a barometer, that measure atmospheric conditions


(ˈwɛð ərˌglæs, -ˌglɑs)

any of various instruments, as a barometer or a hygroscope, designed to indicate the state of the atmosphere.
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Noun1.weatherglass - a simple barometer for indicating changes in atmospheric pressureweatherglass - a simple barometer for indicating changes in atmospheric pressure
barometer - an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
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Nick did not like the look of the weatherglass and went below into the hold to settle Rowena.
Individual paper topics include the weatherglass, the role of mechanics in Bacon's Great instauration, the symbolic use of musical instruments in 17th-century natural history, and scientific imagery in the reign of Louis XIV.
For instance, Anagallis arvensis is known as scarlet pimpernel, shepherd's barometer, and poor man's weatherglass.