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(ˈwɛð ərˌtaɪt)

secure against wind, rain, etc.
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You might want to consider splitting the project into weathertight and fit-out stages, meaning that you can approach the management of these stages differently too - perhaps using a main contractor for the first part and managing the finishing trades yourself.
It will mean that work can be carried out to make the roof weathertight and enable parishioners to forge ahead with plans to make more use of the building.
Standard Features * Modular sections, one-piece, injection molded or cast * 72-tooth serrated boss and reinforcing ribs, top and bottom * Brass threaded inserts for visor attachment (4) * Housings have a cast boss for mounting a 5 or 6-position terminal block; one side of terminal block with fast-on terminals, the other side with screw terminals * The words red, amber, and green are cast next to each boss to identify light source lead wires * 5 or 6-position terminal block installed in center section (1) * Stainless steel door roll pins and eye bolt/wing nut assemblies * Integral lugs on the housing and doors with stainless steel roll pins provide effective door hinges * Weathertight E.
CONGREGATIONS across the North-east responsible for looking after listed places of worship can now apply to a new PS15m fund to address urgent roof repairs to ensure historic buildings are weathertight, safe and open for use.
LiftMaster's IPAC can also deal with environmental extremes C enclosed in a custom IP65-rated weathertight enclosure, IPAC can operate in temperatures rated from -20 degrees F to +130 degrees F C providing customers with year-round protection.
Andrew Crowther, station commander and project co-ordinator, said the build was on schedule and the next stage would be to complete the blockwork and roof to ensure the building was weathertight before winter.
e former Tyne and Wear Development Corporation, with support from English Heritage and Sunderland City Council, made strenuous eorts to save the building and the rst phase of a PS1m programme to stabilise the structure and make it weathertight was completed in 1997 shortly before the TWDC ceased to exist.
David Roberts, of the Malings' development company Carillion-igloo Ltd, said: "We will be getting the homes weathertight in a few weeks.
The rear wing will be completely restored and the roof will be repaired to make sure it is weathertight under the latest plan.
I was delighted to learn that past-president Charles Sukup and his brother Steve encourage the employees of Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield Iowa, to propose community and humanitarian projects that can be supported by the unique capabilities of their company Recently Brett Nelson came up with the idea for the Safe T Home, a modified grain bin that can provide sturdy weathertight housing for disaster victims.
Plumbing has been installed in the concession stand, which is weathertight.
However, the LED drivers, located in weathertight access boxes in the stone base of each monument, are readily accessible.