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Adj.1.weblike - having open interstices or resembling a webweblike - having open interstices or resembling a web
reticular, reticulate - resembling or forming a network; "the reticulate veins of a leaf"; "a reticulated highway system"
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Adam's doubts and fears melted under this influence as the delicate weblike clouds had gradually melted away into the clear blue above him.
Thus, throughout the organization of the Oligarchy, our own organization, weblike and spidery, was insinuating itself.
The facility includes a hanging bridge, rope courses and the 'sapot,' a large weblike platform on which to view the Laguna de Bay.
Illuminate the egg from below, and look for a weblike network of blood vessels surrounding what's obviously a chicken embryo.
Behind its cracked metal facade one finds a steeply pitched crevasse of a staircase, watched over by a weblike canopy.
These dark matter wells are dense filaments in the weblike cosmic structure, along which galaxies form.
He sometimes derives the ratios in his drawings from nature or music, and he uses geometry to create Intricate, weblike drawings that captivate the observer.
This is when breasts merge together in the centre of the chest in a weblike manner.
In babies with Turner syndrome, low birth weight, edema on hands and feet, weblike neck, inverted and hyperteloric nipples and pigmented nevi are noted (Figure 2).
As an alternative explanation to erythrocyte transport and delivery of progesterone, we also speculated that progesterone might be present in and around capillary beds due to its uptake, retention, and presence in lymphatics, which form a weblike structure with blood capillaries in all tissues except the brain.
5) The weblike nature of any MOOC community is often illustrated at the course's outset, as students are encouraged to add their locations and connections to a world map.