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According to Walker (2005), who applied weblogging in his classes, by the end of the semester the majority of students said they had enjoyed weblogging and found it useful.
The young American husband-and-wife team created some weblogging software a few years ago.
No matter what the size, staffing level, or budget of your library, there is an internal Weblogging solution for you.
This is what's so appealing to people about weblogging.
Hosted weblogging services allow the user to set up and use a blog without knowing anything about server maintenance or backend programming.
Weblogging evangelists see web logs as a medium in their own right, something that goes beyond the webitself.
If they value weblogging, they must value the data that comes with it.
com) strike me as not really being weblogs, even though they presumably use weblogging software to produce them.
As for the charge that weblogging is dilettantish, Welch observes: "The word dilettante to me has always been more or less equivalent to journalist -- we learn how to specialize in 100 different disciplines, and write passably on topics of which we know nothing.
Today Near-Time announced a major update of its on-demand wiki and weblogging platform.
As practiced by Weintraub and a growing cadre of others, Weblogging pushes journalists to do their work on the edge.