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A person who designs, develops, markets, or maintains a website.


(Computer Science) a person responsible for the administration of a website on the World Wide Web


(ˈwɛbˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

Computers. (often l.c.) a person who designs or maintains a Web site.
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Noun1.webmaster - a technician who designs or maintains a website
technician - someone whose occupation involves training in a specific technical process
správce webu
quản trị web


[ˈwebmɑːstəʳ] N (Internet) → administrador(a) m/f de web


Webmaster [ˈwɛbmɑːstər] nwebmestre mfweb page Web page npage f Webweb ring Web ring, webring [ˈwɛbrɪŋ] nanneau m internet


مُصَمِّمُ مَوْقِع správce webu webmaster Webmaster διαχειριστής διαδικτυακών σελίδων administrador del sitio Web webmaster webmestre webmaster webmaster ウェブマスター 웹마스터 webmaster webmaster administrator www webmaster веб-мастер webbmästare ผู้ดูแลเว็บไซด์ webmaster quản trị web 网站管理员
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They disallow gonzo designers in disparate departments from changing design elements--keeping crucial information off limits to all but a webmaster.
The CARING website exists to serve its members in many ways and the role of the Webmaster is vital towards maintaining the relationship between CARING and its members.
Webmaster Cheryl Thompson has initiated a free online forum for her local government counterparts to share information.
A new staff position has emerged to help tame this technological beast: the webmaster.
After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Information last year, he became database manager and Webmaster for the State Appellate Defenders Office in Detroit.
com Declares April 29 Webmaster Holiday & Offers Customized Online Tributes
Google is tying its Analytics and Webmaster Tools applications more closely together in an effort to give Web publishers a joint view of internal site traffic and search engine optimisation (SEO) data.
The challenge, the Webmaster says, is to ``keep up with the Joneses - and surpass them.
It's your Webmaster - a versatile professional who saves the day time and time again.
28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, webmaster promotion community WebBoosts has announced the launch of its free DNS report tool called DNS Health.
In our Internet training courses we teach people how to develop Web pages, and at the end of the course we say 'Congratulations You're a Webmaster,' " said Aharanoff, president of Infolink Communications, an Encino firm that in addition to Internet instruction offers Web consulting services.
Any webmaster can submit their Sitemap to any search engine which has adopted the protocol.