wedding march

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: march - a march to be played for a wedding processionwedding march - a march to be played for a wedding procession
processional march, recessional march - a march to be played for processions
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The ship's bell was ringing for us; a guitar in the background burlesqued the Wedding March under skinny fingers; the air was poisoned by a million cigarettes, they raised a pall of smoke above the mastheads, they set fire to the ship; smoke and flame covered the sea from rim to rim, smoke and flame filled the universe; the sea dried up, and I was left lying in its bed, lying in my coffin, with red-hot teeth, because the sun blazed right above them, and my withered lips were drawn back from them for ever.
Fraulein Hedwig sang several songs, Fraulein Anna played the Wedding March, and the Professor sang Die Wacht am Rhein.
They all wished her joy, and the swallow sat above in his nest and sang the wedding march, and that he did as well as he could; but he was sad, because he was very fond of Thumbelina and did not want to be separated from her.
Freddy, now full of geniality, whistled the wedding march.
They kicked it all of in 2016 with the original movie, followed it up in 2017 with a sequel, and now they're ready to go again with "The Wedding March 3: Here Comes The Bride.
THE WEEK THAT WAS p7 only 17% of British brides choose to walk down the aisle to The Wedding March.
Which of Wagner's operas contains the wedding march popularly known as 'Here Comes The Bride'?
He has chosen music associated with Royal events, including Charles Parry's Wedding March which was played at the Queen's wedding, Walton's Suite from the film Henry V, Best's Variations of God Save the Queen and Coates's beautiful Princess Elizabeth March, dedicated to the Queen.
When the referee blows his whistle at 3pm at Ribbesford Meadows, Payton will be listening to the wedding march at a church a quarterof-a-mile away where he will be an usher for the marriage of sister-in-law Gaynor Hopkins and Darren Lock.
From which opera by Wagner does the famous Wedding March come?
The special edition Alcatel One Touch handset also has wallpaper featuring a picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the ringtone plays Mendelssohn's Wedding March.
To launch the race, men and women took to the streets of Liverpool on a wedding march.