wedding reception

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: reception - a reception for wedding guests held after the weddingwedding reception - a reception for wedding guests held after the wedding
reception - a formal party of people; as after a wedding
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The company's new services mean that guests can have every element of their wedding reception prepared for them by qualified on-site professionals who can cater precisely to their unique requirements for an unforgettable event experience.
Samantha Baker, who is helping to stage the fundraiser at The Belfry, says: "Our first wedding reception took place in 1961 and our first civil wedding ceremony was held here in 1995.
Modern royal nuptials are similar in some respects EoAC" Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding reception on Friday will serve traditional English food.
The event also boasts a spectacular competition from the Newcastle Marriott Gosforth Park in conjunction with the Chronicle's sister paper The Journal, where you can win your wedding reception at the hotel, worth over pounds 3,000.
She had invited some " individuals" from the film industry for her wedding reception.
POP star Geri Halliwell was singing Spice Up Your Wife at the weekend - when she gatecrashed a stunned couple's Irish castle wedding reception.
A COUPLE hope their unusual wedding reception will prove a solid base for a lifetime of happiness.
Guests at a wedding reception were treated to a one-off performance from the original Stereophonics line-up - five years after they split.
Through lack of generators the wedding reception was ruined.
in 1940 at Carol's brother's wedding reception and dated for six years before getting married.
A PHOTOGRAPHER collapsed and died at a wedding reception in front of the bride and groom.
ABOUT 35,000 daffodils amid other blooms make up the floral arrangements at Windsor Castle for today's royal wedding reception.