wedge shape

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Noun1.wedge shape - any shape that is triangular in cross sectionwedge shape - any shape that is triangular in cross section
triangle, trigon, trilateral - a three-sided polygon
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With its wedge shape, the TA-l prevents fingers from slipping off the back of the slide when loading, unloading or fixing a malfunction.
The model features a new front and rear bumper design, wedge-shaped fog lamp enclosures, a trapezoidal air intake in the lower part of the bumper, a rear bumper similar to the design of the front, with similar wedge shape reflector cut-outs, a trapezoidal shape zone-C and three rows of seating for seven occupants.
The first thing you will notice about this target is its unique wedge shape (hence its name).
But the technologically basic MP 01 is aesthetically (and ergonomically) advanced: The sleek wedge shape and raised rounded buttons make for easy handling, while a handsome metal body and Gorilla Glass display encase a battery that can last several weeks between charges.
The wedge shape funnels passengers boarding the bus into the narrowest portion near the kerb.
The most obvious quality that sets this tablet apart is its unique wedge shape.
The CR-Z's wedge shape and blunt rear end are going to turn heads but it doesn't arrive in Scottish showrooms until June.
One cut is at 90[degrees] for the top of the post, and two cuts at 70[degrees] on the unflanged sides of the profile create a wedge shape with a flat bottom.
The tower's wedge shape will offer nearly all the hotel rooms and all of the residences commanding views of the New York skyline and harbor.
It's only recently that a Manchester United fixer had to cut one end off an expensively-bought snooker table into a wedge shape so a player could fit it into a corner of his living room.
Its wedge shape culminates in a deep internal lightwell fronted by a 4.