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1. The condition of having one's clothing stuck between the buttocks, often from having had one's pants or underpants pulled up as a prank.
2. See wedge.

[wedge + -ie. Sense 2, originally a trademark.]


informal the state of having one's underpants or shorts caught between one's buttocks (esp in the phrase give someone a wedgie)
[C20: from wedge]


(ˈwɛdʒ i)

Informal. the fact of having one's underpants or other clothing uncomfortably stuck between the buttocks.
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Noun1.wedgie - a shoe with a wedge heelwedgie - a shoe with a wedge heel    
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
wedge heel, wedge - a heel that is an extension of the sole of the shoe


n (US inf) → Schuh mmit Keilabsatz
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Scottish star Gavin Rumgay found fame four years ago for pulling off an epic wedgie celebration.
WHY oh why does she irritate me like a thong in a wedgie situation?
When asked about the outfits by Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, and whether they gave them a wedgie, Jesy admitted: "I had loads.
3 Rated for high-speed vertical bows and crossbows is the new Wedgie freestanding target from Delta McKenzie ($54.
My new-found glory didn't last long, thoughMax Robson gave me a wedgie and then stole the case - I was never destined to be the cool kid for long
shouts Johnny, dragging Adam out of the house for his own good - and giving him a wedgie for good measure.
Levi's vintageinspired new Wedgie jean is designed to give you the 'ultimate derriere'.
Will humanity literally fall into the toilet, and will Wedgie Power prevail, or will even Captain Underpants lose the flush of success?
The lead was doubled by the same player just before half-time with another superb finish from just outside the box, after good build up play from Wedgie Guire and Carlos Santana.
E locker room in an atomic wedgie after swim class.
A third source added: "I went to get a beer from the esky and one of the girls jumped into the esky, bent over in my face, passed the beer through her legs and said 'I've got a wedgie .