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Any of the days of the week exclusive of Sunday and Saturday.

week′days′ adv.


on weekdays



every day, esp. Monday through Friday, during the workweek.
References in classic literature ?
Half the year it would be dark as night when he went in to work, and dark as night again when he came out, and so he would never know what the sun looked like on weekdays.
The street was small and what is called quiet, but it drove a thriving trade on the weekdays.
At Pavlofsk, on weekdays, the public is more select than it is on Sundays and Saturdays, when the townsfolk come down to walk about and enjoy the park.
He taught this doctrine on Sundays, and on weekdays he was an amiable and kindly old man, distinguished by his quaint disposition to wash his hands, and if possible his face, daily, and with a wonderful genius for cutting up pigs.
On a weekday the folk were dingily and curiously hung about with dirty rags of housecloth and scarlet flannel, sacking, curtain serge, and patches of old carpet, and went either bare-footed or on rude wooden sandals.
Of course it's a little too exciting to be proper reading for Sunday, and I only read it on weekdays.
On that day, for "business" prevented him on weekdays from taking such a pleasure, it was old Sedley's delight to take out his little grandson Georgy to the neighbouring parks or Kensington Gardens, to see the soldiers or to feed the ducks.
The old gentleman, her father, I have heard, used to atone for his weekday sins with his Sunday devotions.
said Silas, "why, there's people coming out o' the Yard as if they'd been to chapel at this time o' day--a weekday noon
As the greater number of visitors at the hotel were English, there was almost as much difference between Sunday and Wednesday as there is in England, and Sunday appeared here as there, the mute black ghost or penitent spirit of the busy weekday.
His coat and breeches were the best he had, and he would not have been wearing them on this weekday occasion if he had not been to market and returned later than usual, having given himself the rare treat of dining at the public table of the Blue Bull.
The contract in open tender is the provision of care, specialist care services and specialist care services for people with mental disorders assisted the Social Welfare Centre in Olsztyn, including Object of the contract was divided into 4 parts due to the high number of hours the provision of care services - Task A - (nursing services) - to 114 461 hours on weekdays, holidays and public holidays;- Task B - (nursing services) - to 114 461 hours on weekdays, holidays and public holidays;- Task C - (specialized care services) - up to 32 000 hours on weekdays, holidays and public holidays;- Task D - (specialist nursing services for people with mental disorders) to 28 434 hours on weekdays, Christmas and holidays.