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1. One who vacations or visits on a weekend.
2. A small suitcase or bag for carrying clothing and toiletries for a weekend.


1. a person spending a weekend holiday in a place, esp habitually
2. (Building) Austral a house, shack, etc, occupied only at weekends, for holidays, etc


(ˈwikˌɛn dər)

1. a person who goes on a weekend vacation.
2. a weekend guest.
3. a traveling bag large enough to carry the clothing and personal items needed for a weekend trip.
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Noun1.weekender - someone who vacations on a weekendweekender - someone who vacations on a weekend  
vacationer, vacationist - someone on vacation; someone who is devoting time to pleasure or relaxation rather than to work
2.weekender - a small suitcase to carry clothing and accessories for a weekend tripweekender - a small suitcase to carry clothing and accessories for a weekend trip
suitcase, traveling bag, travelling bag, grip, bag - a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes; "he carried his small bag onto the plane with him"


[ˌwiːˈkɛndər] ntouriste mf du week-end
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THE streets came alive as Birmingham Weekender entertained thousands of Brummies and visitors alike.
It was no surprise then that the city was bustling through the day as thousands roamed around the events for Birmingham Weekender.
Later in August the Sport, Art and Play weekender returns with art workshops and the sports and play village.
Dom Spens, event organiser and owner of Zombie Survival Weekender, said: "It's a good way of having fun and a laugh - scaring people while fundraising for three good causes.
The store at Al Naeem Mall currently stocks F&F's Spring range which includes Brighton Pier, Weekender, Atlas and Wisteria Lane themes from the women's collection.
He says he will be coming to the weekender to celebrate his birthday.
Bacardi NH7 Weekender, India's largest music festival, pioneers off-grid live communications
MUSIC charity Music v | Cancer is gearing up for its October Weekender which will see critically acclaimed band Turin Brakes play Grand Hotel in Hartlepool Friday October 3.
Averitable who's who of underground dance music legends have been confirmed for the inaugural Red Bull Music Academy Weekender set to take in Belfast next month.
Safe to say this year's Stockton Weekender main event is not to be missed.