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1. One who vacations or visits on a weekend.
2. A small suitcase or bag for carrying clothing and toiletries for a weekend.


1. a person spending a weekend holiday in a place, esp habitually
2. (Building) Austral a house, shack, etc, occupied only at weekends, for holidays, etc


(ˈwikˌɛn dər)

1. a person who goes on a weekend vacation.
2. a weekend guest.
3. a traveling bag large enough to carry the clothing and personal items needed for a weekend trip.
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Noun1.weekender - someone who vacations on a weekendweekender - someone who vacations on a weekend  
vacationer, vacationist - someone on vacation; someone who is devoting time to pleasure or relaxation rather than to work
2.weekender - a small suitcase to carry clothing and accessories for a weekend tripweekender - a small suitcase to carry clothing and accessories for a weekend trip
suitcase, traveling bag, travelling bag, grip, bag - a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes; "he carried his small bag onto the plane with him"


[ˌwiːˈkɛndər] ntouriste mf du week-end
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VAUXHALL has the lifestyle market in its sights with the arrival of the new British-built Vivaro Tourer Weekender (above).
TUtsav 2017, the Year of South Asian Arts, and Birmingham Weekender in September will attract crowds running into the thousands - and they place Sampad firmly at the heart of the city's cultural scene.
Tenders are invited for contractor to purchase and install two (2) new tuff shed pro ranch weekender (10x16) cabins on existing gravel pads prepared by forestry staff.
Huge fire sculptures, jazz music, and a 10ft-tall lit-up lobster were all part of the fiery festivities, which kick off a month of weekender events.
There will be showstopping tunes at the Street Music Weekender this coming weekend, all sorts of mischief and mayhem at the Circus Weekender (August 5-6), the best in Welsh dance moves with Breakout Barry Weekender (August 12-13), and tales as old as time at the Storytelling Weekender (August 19-20).
At the Baltic Weekender, at 24 Kitchen St, on June 2.
The unusual kickabout was held outside Middlesbrough's mima, in Centre Square, as part of the town's three-day Art Weekender.
Organisers DF Concerts and partners Tennent's Lager backed exclusive reports last week that the weekender will not be staged in 2017.
TODAY: We Shall Overcome charity weekender with Scott Wainwright, Leo Brazil and Boo Sutcliffe and Claire Helm (7pm, Huddersfield Ukrainian Club, Edgerton), Marsden Jazz Festival (various venues and times), Holmfirth Blues Festival (Picturedrome, Holmfirth), Sushi (7pm, Small Seeds, Huddersfield), Bad Pollyanna (7pm, Parish, Huddersfield), The Groove (9.
THE dilemma of how best to spend your August bank holiday may be about to get more complicated with the news that the Waterloo Weekender is returning.
12 as she takes us on a sew-along of the well-appointed Stella Weekender Bag by Swoon Patterns.
Head to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender this weekend to taste the best of Indian and international music