weeping widow

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n.1.same as crumblecap.
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Horrible, bloody and fear-inducing stories are leaving yet another generation of orphans and weeping widows with uncertain futures.
The weeping widows of the Fallen 44 all want justice, but from whom?
I feel your pain," Aquino told weeping widows, parents and children of the police commandos at an emotional memorial service inside a police camp in suburban Manila.
Starring Jean Reno as a vengeful godfather who single-handedly takes out half the city of Marseilles (while barely breaking into a jog), this frenzied, often senseless crime saga fails to sustain interest in its cast of cops, crooks and weeping widows, with action sequences that are poorly staged fits of ultra-violence.
We are forced to remember that behind the technical jargon, the military euphemisms, the political pledges, communities have been destroyed, and babies born to weeping widows.
And she exhausted her entire repertoire of caring and sharing looks as she comforted the weeping widows who were gathered outside.