a. & n.1.Wet.
v. i.1.To know; to wit.
[imp. Wot .]
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BeRRy RRy RR S y S weeT Becks gives Harper spoonful but he risked a tantrum when he hogged the yoghurt, far right
Baie later het ed verstaan dat dit jou manier was om vir ons te laat weet dat jy vir ons lief was.
Kamfer weet ook genoeg hoe om van triviale en banale dinge gedigte te maak.
The Water Horse sketches a very similar relationship between the creature and the youngster, and the bitters weet resolution unabashedly goes for the tear ducts, with an obvious nod to Free Willy.
Meanwhile, Weetman had invested in other horses and the one to take over from Noufari as his flag-carrier was Weet A Minute, the first horse to carry the now familiar Weet prefix.
There they meet Weet, an intelligent dinosaur who walks upright and is a young adult of his species.
Both of them lived up to their part of the bargain and now, after a long day shooting at End Of Trail, Prairie Weet and China Camp can be spotted on the dance floor of the saloon kicking up their heels.
Net een begeerte kan ek nie beteuel nie--dat ek tog iets van jou mag besit, al weet ek dat jy 'n leeftyd bestee het om gehegtheid te oorkom.
WEET A SURPRISE, who gave owner Jim Price a first winner after 40 years of heartache when scoring here in June, struck for the third time for him and trainer James Unett when landing the 6f handicap under Alex Edwards.
BRITON Christopher Weet knotted sheets together to escape from a mountain after he and his wife became trapped in a storm and feared they would die of exposure.
Sy weet dat baie meer deelnemers nodig is om veranderings in die lewens van die mense van plakkerskampe teweeg te bring.
Weet For Me's success in the Ladbroke Handicap was a relief for bookmakers after the first five favourites had all obliged.