weft knitting

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weft′ knit`ting

a knitting process in which the yarn is knitted horizontally and in a circular form. Compare warp knitting.
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At a speed of roughly 740 courses per minute and a working width of 138", the RDJ 5/1 can produce the fabric for up to 150 pairs of shoes per hour - much more than can be produced by circular weft knitting machines, not to mention flat weft knitting machines.
Among the topics are the classification of knitting, circular weft knitting machines and mechanisms, warp-knitted stitches and structures, yarn and its selection for knitting, and the concept of green business in knitting and knitwear industries.
The present study tends to analyze the uniaxial compression of fibrous systems with oriented distribution of fibers into yarns, which were incorporated into fabrics by weft knitting technology.