weigh the anchor

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Verb1.weigh the anchor - heave up an anchor in preparation for sailingweigh the anchor - heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing
heave up, heft, heft up, heave - lift or elevate
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Xury said it was a lion, and it might be so for aught I know; but poor Xury cried to me to weigh the anchor and row away; "No," says I, "Xury; we can slip our cable, with the buoy to it, and go off to sea; they cannot follow us far.
Should it become necessary to completely change locations, it probably takes a slim 15 minutes to pull the decoy rig, weigh the anchor of the blind, attach it to the tender boat and speed to a new location.
The Belgrade Theatre is offering buccaneers and buried treasure in their Easter holiday family show and Midlands actor Antony Eden is preparing to splice the mainbrace and weigh the anchor playing young hero Jim Hawkins.