weight down

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Verb1.weight down - weight down with a loadweight down - weight down with a load    
overburden - load with excessive weight
plumb - weight with lead
charge - fill or load to capacity; "charge the wagon with hay"
saddle - load or burden; encumber; "he saddled me with that heavy responsibility"

w>weight down

vt sep person (with parcels etc) → überladen; corpsebeschweren; (fig)belasten, niederdrücken
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After a while this ceased, and then came the scuffling and shuffling of men's feet as they carried a heavy weight down the steep and winding stairs.
It was small enough, but do what we would we could not get its weight down under about forty pounds a man.
And ever since he had never managed to get his weight down as much as an ounce.
If you struggle to keep your weight down, here's a twist--eat more fat.
Initially, running was a hobby that helped her keep weight down and stay in shape.
A woman 5 feet 6 inches tall who had gained more than 22 pounds since age 18 was nearly twice as likely to have a stroke as a woman who had kept her weight down, says study leader Kathryn M.
Brilliantly simple: Use the sand already on the beach to weight down the beach umbrella preventing it from blowing away.
Dietary measures, such as swapping chocolate for fruit, are great for both lowering cholesterol and keeping weight down - and, to reduce your risk of heart attacks, it's important to be active and replace saturated fats with healthier fats.
Carrying heavy loads severely compromises some patrols so we need to get the weight down," a military source told the Daily Mirror, referring to the new kit.
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Both are constructed of stainless steel with Zytel or carbon-fiber (CX) handle inserts to keep the weight down.
A GOOD night's sleep helps people keep their weight down, says research.