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1. Having little or no weight.
2. Not experiencing the effects of gravity.

weight′less·ly adv.
weight′less·ness n.


1. (General Physics) (of a body) having no actual weight; a state in which an object has no actual weight (because it is in space and unaffected by gravitational attraction) or no apparent weight (because the gravitational attraction equals the centripetal force and the object is in free fall)
2. (Commerce) commerce
a. (of economic activity) based on the supply of information and ideas rather than trade in physical goods: the weightless economy.
b. (of a company) having very few physical assets: weightless dot.coms.
ˈweightlessness n


(ˈweɪt lɪs)

being without apparent weight, as a freely falling body.
weight′less•ly, adv.
weight′less•ness, n.
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Adj.1.weightless - having little or no weight or apparent gravitational pullweightless - having little or no weight or apparent gravitational pull; light; "floating freely in a weightless condition"; "a baby bat...fluffy and weightless as a moth"; "jackets made of a weightless polyester fabric"
weighty - having relatively great weight; heavy; "a weighty load"; "a weighty package"


Having little weight; not heavy:
عَديم الوَزْن
bez tiaže


[ˈweɪtlɪs] ADJingrávido


[ˈweɪtləs] adj
(= weighing nothing) → qui ne pèse rien
(in space) [person, object] → en apesanteur
in a weightless environment → en apesanteur


[ˈweɪtlɪs] adjsenza peso


(wei) verb
1. to find the heaviness of (something) by placing it on a scale. He weighed himself on the bathroom scales; You must have your luggage weighed at the airport.
2. to be equal to in heaviness. This parcel weighs one kilo; How much / What does this box weigh?
3. to be a heavy burden to. She was weighed down with two large suitcases.
weight (weit) noun
1. the amount which a person or thing weighs. He's put on a lot of weight (= got much fatter) over the years.
2. a piece of metal etc of a standard weight. seven-pound weight.
3. a heavy object, especially one for lifting as a sport. He lifts weights to develop his muscles.
4. burden; load. You have taken a weight off my mind.
5. importance. Her opinion carries a lot of weight.
1. to attach, or add, a weight or weights to. The plane is weighted at the nose so that it balances correctly in flight.
2. to hold down by attaching weights. They weighted the balloon to prevent it from flying away.
ˈweightless adjective
not affected by the earth's gravity pull. The astronauts became weightless on going into orbit round the earth.
ˈweightlessness noun
ˈweighty adjective
1. important. a weighty reason.
2. heavy.
ˈweightily adverb
ˈweightiness noun
ˈweighing-machine noun
a (public) machine for weighing people, loads etc; a scale. I weighed myself on the weighing-machine at the railway station.
ˈweightlifting noun
the sport of lifting weights.
weigh anchor
to lift a ship's anchor in preparation for sailing.
weigh in to find one's weight before a fight, after a horse-race etc ( ˈweigh-in) noun
weigh out
to measure out by weighing. He weighed out six kilos of sand.
weigh up
to calculate, estimate; to consider. He weighed up his chances of success.
References in classic literature ?
He was turned out of his nice cabin, and packed in with his belongings to share that of Lieutenant Kurt, whose luck it was to be junior, and the bird-headed officer, still swearing slightly, and carrying strops and aluminium boot-trees and weightless hair-brushes and hand-mirrors and pomade in his hands, resumed possession.
But there's a rolling motion as well, so the whole catalogue of movements goes something like up, weightless, down, ouch, roll left, ricochet off a wave, ouch, roll right, ricochet off another wave, ouch, up, down, ouch.
The team also has rehearsed its moves by pushing model equipment, cushioned by a layer of blowing air, on a frictionless floor that mimics the weightless environment of space.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Weightless, the body behind the industry-leading Weightless machine-to-machine communications standard for white space spectrum, today announces its vocal support for a series of recent Ofcom sentiments: What the industry requires now is a 'kick start' of rapid regulatory turnaround for the common good, rapid occupation of the spectrum, and deployment of machine-to-machine white space standards and technology to demonstrate use cases.
The firm has 200 bookings at pounds 110,000 each to fly 87 miles up for 15 minutes and be weightless for five.
Distributed throughout the gallery space: three weightless and spectral visions of the Pentagon.
It was a mind-blowing experience,'' said Mike Melvill, the 63-year-old pilot, after landing safely from the flight that included 3 1/2 minutes of weightless.
In spite of the rigours of the climate and northerly latitude, the structure appears fragile and weightless, a floating skeletal construction of sheer glass walls and wood -- oiled larch panelling and birch plywood outside, varnished beech veneer inside.
is among the first to demonstrate that acoustic levitation at high temperatures is possible in a nearly weightless environment.
The payload was built by Schafer Corporation in less than one week and was designed to record data to characterize the flight of the rocket from launch to a weightless environment in space, reentry, and touchdown.
The wheelchair-bound physicist has booked up to become weightless aboard a specially adapted Boeing 727.