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also weird·y  (wîr′dē)
n. pl. weird·ies Slang
A strange person, event, or thing.


(ˈwɪər doʊ)

n., pl. weird•os. Slang.
an odd, eccentric, or abnormal person.
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Noun1.weirdy - someone unpleasantly strange or eccentricweirdy - someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric
disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable


also weirdy
Slang. A person regarded as strange, eccentric, or crazy:
Informal: crank, loon, loony.
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Much like weirdy beardy Noel Edmond's dream factory (aka Deal or No Deal aka open some random boxes) Shepherd's show has even developed its own lingo to try and paper over the cracks of it being rubbish.
Totally bored, totally disappointed and totally ready to launch a brick at the telly the next time some beardy weirdy started going on about Baily's beads, 1999, the DON'T Prof Brian corona or the cosmic spin.
Moreover, only a wassock of the highest order would contemplate feeding his face with a slab of chocolate whilst their fasting other half made do with a some hippy soya or carob-based choccy substitute monstrosity from a beardy weirdy shop.
And yet he is being hammered in all the polls because our reaction to a thoughtful and earnest politician turns out to be the same as our reaction to a beardy weirdy quinoa-flogger.
Qatada may be a wicked beardy weirdy but he also has the right to live in Britain because we signed up to laws allowing him to do so.
The Telegraph told its readership of retired colonels and blue-rinsers to 'Save the seas' by eating 'sardines instead of tuna', while weirdy - and quite possibly beardy - types donned fuzzy shark outfits to protest outside the HQ of tuna king Princes.
I do get hit on by guys but it's always the weirdy guys, the guys you don't want to ask you who ask you out, it's always the tools.
Singer-songwriter Karine is the modern face of a Scottish folk scene that's thankfully moving away from the weirdy beardy brigade.
She said: "It's just a scam there is no way drinking some weirdy thing is going to make you 10 stone lighter.
One of the great successes was to have the people refer to them as 'our Red Kites' so it's not just about weirdy beardy birdwatchers," laughed Keith.
Since she denies MI5 claims that she's a spy, her four-year affair with beardy weirdy Mike Hancock, 65, clearly has nothing to do with his Defence Committee membership.
WHAT is it with the weirdy beardy look that's sweeping Hollywood?