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Adj.1.well-branched - having good branches
branchy - having many branches; "a branchy tree trunk"
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Root system is well-branched (at least 4 basic skeletal vessels) and with well-developed root hairs
Full of colour, they sit on well-branched, upright stems above neatly zoned foliage.
Well-branched and covered in white flowers against dark green foliage from early summer until frost, this cultivar has more flowers per plant than any other Hydrangea paniculata and needs little pruning to keep it compact and tidy.
Twiggy's Rose, bred by Harkness Roses, is a robust, well-branched bush rose, technically a floribunda, which means that it carries its flowers in clusters of blooms per stem, often forming massive canopies.
It is a dwarf, bushy, well-branched loveliness with lustrous pink, cup-shaped flowers.
Remove faded flowers, feed regularly and pinch tall plants to encourage stocky, well-branched specimens.
I think we should look for good-quality, well-branched, sturdy plants at the right time of the year.