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Any of various marine snails of the family Epitoniidae, having a tapering, usually white spiral shell, often with prominent varices.

[Dutch wenteltrap, spiral staircase, wentletrap, from Middle Dutch wendeltrappe : wendel, winding (from wenden, to wind) + trappe, stairs.]


(Animals) any marine gastropod mollusc of the family Epitoniidae, having a long pointed pale-coloured longitudinally ridged shell
[C18: from Dutch winteltrap spiral shell, from wintel, earlier windel, from wenden to wind + trap a step, stairs]


(ˈwɛn tlˌtræp)

any of various marine gastropods of the family Epitoniidae, typically white with sharply defined axial ridges.
[1750–60; < Dutch wenteltrap, earlier wendeltrap spiral staircase =wend(en) to turn + frequentative -el- + trap trap1]
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Just the names of things are a delight: the blood henry starfish, the common sea angel, the northern stoplight loosejaw (a fish), the precious wentletrap (a sea shell) and the bare-faced go-away bird.
The scalloped wentletrap is a gastropod that parasitizes large anthozoans (Morris et al.