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(wĕst′south′wĕst′, -sou-wĕst′)
n. Abbr. WSW
The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due west and southwest, or 112°30′ west of due north.
To, toward, of, facing, or in the west-southwest.
In, from, or toward the west-southwest.


(Navigation) the point on the compass or the direction midway between southwest and west, 247° 30′ clockwise from north
adj, adv
in, from, or towards this direction
Symbol: WSW


1. a point on the compass midway between west and southwest.
2. coming from this point: a west-southwest wind.
3. directed toward this point.
4. toward this point. Abbr.: WSW


A. Noesuroeste m, oesurueste m
B. ADJoesuroeste, oesurueste
C. ADV (= toward west-southwest) → hacia el oesuroeste or oesurueste; [situated] → al oesuroeste or oesurueste, en el oesuroeste or oesurueste
References in classic literature ?
One of these branches rises in the west-southwest, near the headwaters of the Arkansas.
There will be light to moderate wind from west-southwest.
In terms of its distance from the closest point in Japan, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported the quake's epicenter as being 45 kilometers west-southwest of Ishigaki, Japan.
5 kilometers going west-southwest of Albay province.
Urduja" was forecast to move west-southwest at 15 kph.
DUSK: Find Spica twinkling about 3[degrees] lower left of bright Jupiter, very low in the west-southwest in bright twilight.
Paine is centered about 340 miles (547 kilometers) west-southwest of the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula and is moving northwest near 15 mph (24 kph).
The earthquake centered over the Indian Ocean about 410 miles southwest of Muara Siberut, Indonesia, and some 500 miles west-southwest of Padang, on the west coast of Sumatra, the (http://www.
Formal Bid: West-southwest waterworks 8 mg reservoir exterior coating
bulletin of Wednesday, Phivolcs said the first explosion event lasted for approximately 10 minutes and produced a 1 kilometer high grayish steam and ash plume which drifted towards the west-southwest and this was accompanied by rumbling sound heard by local residents of Cogon, Irosin at the west-southwest slopes of the volcano.
At 4am (Oman Time), it lay centred 940 km east-southeast of Salalah, Oman, and 1,400 km west-southwest of Mumbai, India.
Presently, the cyclonic storm with wind speeds of 80-90 kilometers per hour, is centered close to south-west of Machilipatnam, and is moving in a west-southwest direction.